ONLY 10 One-Time Spring Cleaning Spots
                       Available in April & May

My name is Tanya and I use to own a residential and commercial cleaning company for 4 years. We serviced over fifteen communities in Manitoba with pride.

After getting married last August I made the tough decision to let go of my growing business and focus on raising a family.

Oddly enough, I have found that I actually MISS cleaning and the feeling of making a huge difference in a family’s life. (I have always loved to clean. Crazy, I know.)

So, I have decided I want to PERSONALLY CLEAN 10 homes in the Oakbank area during the months of April & May. These cleanings would be a deep cleaning of whatever rooms you feel need it the most - like bathrooms and kitchen. You use my Client Priority List and then choose how many hours you want to pay for.

If you are new to the idea of getting help with your home cleaning this would be a great first  experience for you.  I have completed and managed thousands of house cleanings successfully.  I can provide an entire book full of past client surveys for your viewing.

As this is a ONE-TIME cleaning offer, it is best for those who need a bit of help to catch up from the winter cleaning blahs. Note that the minimum cleaning job must be at least 6.5 hours and within 10 miles of Oakbank.


Please remember this is the OWNER of a cleaning business making this offer so no doubt you will be satisfied with the cleaning.  I repeat - THIS IS NOT A CLEANING EMPLOYEE DOING THE WORK.          
Also know that I am a professional cleaner and clean efficiently and effectively.


Visit to learn more about my offer and to book a free in-home visit ONLINE.  Due to the VERY limited cleaning spots available, all spots will be filled on a first-come, first-booked basis. Once spots are filled, all remaining in-home visits will be cancelled. Do not be disappointed!

Thank you and Happy Spring!

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